Medical malpractice cases can be challenging to win, and part of the reason is these cases often involve a lot of technical information the judge or jury may not understand. It is critical, therefore, that you obtain medical expert witness testimonies from knowledgeable professionals who can clearly explain the most important aspects of your case. Here are two expert witnesses that may help your medical malpractice lawsuit.


Same-Field Medical Professional

If you can only afford to hire one medical expert witness, it should be someone who works in the same field as the healthcare professional that caused your injuries. As noted previously, your case will include a lot of medical jargon the judge or jury may be unfamiliar with. Having an expert who works in the same field as the defendant will ensure the person understands the procedures the defendant performed and can explain it in layman’s terms the court members can understand.

Second, and most importantly, a person in the same field as the defendant will know what the standard of care is for that particular industry and be able to tell the court what the defendant did wrong and how it contributed to your injuries. This is essential for establishing the defendant’s liability for your damages and losses. Additionally, since the expert witness works in the same field as the defendant, this adds and extra layer of credibility onto his or her words.

Vocational Expert

While a vocational expert is not a medical expert witness, this person is just as important to your case if the incident negatively impacted your ability to work. A vocational expert can help you quantify the amount future wages you will lose because of your inability to continue working in the same profession due to your injury.

You worked in construction, for example, but the injury caused by the defendant makes it difficult for you to stand for long periods of time. A vocation expert will determine the types of jobs you would qualify for based on your skills, education, and physical abilities, compare the wages between your old construction job and the new professions you can enter, and testify in court or on paper as to the difference. This information makes it easier for the judge or jury to determine exactly how much you should be compensated for your career loss and resulting reduction in income. There are plenty of resources available at the JD.MD, Inc. website for more information.

Medical malpractice experts witness testimony can significantly increase your chances of winning your case against the defendant. If you’re unable to locate the appropriate experts on your own, contact a medical malpractice attorney who can assist you with the search and other aspects of your case. For more information about this issue, contact a lawyer.