When someone is driving down the road and is hit by another driver, he or she might incur minor physical injuries as well as some property damage. Under these circumstances, the accident victim might thing twice about hiring a personal injury lawyer. They might think that they can do the necessary legal research and they can resolve the matter of compensation with the insurance company on their own without the assistance of an attorney. Meanwhile, your personal injury lawyers will call most or all of your treating medical professionals to testify in court to the true nature of the injuries. This might save on legal fees. Sometimes this strategy does work for accident victims because the amount of money involved is relatively low and the injuries will heal without very much medical attention.

Severe Accidents

Where, however, the accident is severe and where the injuries sustained to the accident victims are very serious, there is no doubt that personal injury lawyers should be called to advocate for the interests of the injured. What do we mean when we mention “serious injuries”?

The determination of whether an injury is serious is dependent on three factors. First, what is the nature of the injury or injuries? How extensive is the harm suffered by the accident victim? Second, how long will it take for the accident victim to recover from the accident to the same state he or she was in prior to the accident? Will it take a month? A year? Will the injured party ever fully recover? Third, what are the costs of past, present and future medical treatment? What are the total medical bills that are related to injuries from the accident?

High Costs

Don't forget the other costs that are recoverable as part of a personal injury case. Where there is a serious injury, there is likely to be a high amount of medical bills but also there will probably also be a substantial amount of wages lost due to absences from work during the recovery period. A wage loss is absolutely relevant to any personal injury claim.

Fight the Insurance Company

Let's be clear about insurance companies. They will fight very hard to limit their liability and to avoid paying out large sums of money to accident victims. The more serious the injuries, the more money the insurance company will have to pay. In order to limit its liability, a typical insurance company will pay an army of highly qualified defense attorneys to challenge the personal injury claim every step of the legal process.

Where, for example, a accident-related injury is deemed permanent by a medical professional, the defense team employed by the insurance company will aggressively attempt to discredit the claim. Meanwhile, your personal injury lawyers will call most or all of your treating medical professionals to testify in court to the true nature of the injuries.


While many accidents are truly minor, some are serious enough that the resulting injuries are long-term or permanent and the corresponding wage losses are substantial. Under these circumstances, the accident victim needs the professional guidance of seasoned personal injury lawyers who know how to win a case against insurance companies that work very hard to limit what they must pay.