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Thousands of people suffer from work-related injuries each year. Many of those people sustain severe injuries that prevent them from working for some time. An injured worker may be confused about the steps that he or she is supposed to take to obtain compensation. A Toronto personal injury lawyer worker has three choices for on-the-job injuries:

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a special insurance benefit that provides funding for people who get hurt on the job. Workers' compensation pays the worker a certain percentage of his or her paycheck while the person is recovering from the incident, and the benefits end when the worker is back to 100-percent health. Fault does not determine the benefit, which means that the worker can be partially responsible for the injury and still collect the benefit. The injured employee must file the claim as quickly as possible and receive immediate care from a medical professional to receive workers' compensation assistance.

Personal Injury Suits

An injured worker can speak to a personal injury lawyer about an at-work incident, as well. A personal injury is an injury that occurs because of neglect. In some cases, workers are injured because of the neglect of someone on the job. For example, an employee can receive a concussion because a poorly stocked item falls on his or her head. The item may be poorly stocked because the employer failed to teach the employee proper stocking procedures. personal injury suits can end with the injured person receiving money to pay medical bills, prescription costs, therapy bills and more. The judge may order punitive damages to cover the person’s pain and suffering in severe incidents, as well. Personal injury settlements can be large. However, the worker can only choose one type of benefit to request. The person cannot file for worker’s compensation and file a personal injury suit, too.

Disability Insurance

A disability lawyer can assist an injured person who has a disability policy and receives a claim denial for some reason. Disability polices are supposed to provide people with a certain percentage of their checks so that they can take care of themselves and their bills while they are recovering from an incident. Some insurance policyholders receive denials, unfortunately. An experienced attorney can fight to reverse the decision that the company makes.

It is up to the injured person to request the relief that is best for his or her situation. Personal injury suits generally take longer than disability and workers’ compensation requests do. Personal injury claimants usually do not plan on continuing their duties with their employers. An attorney from Preszler Law Firm can advise an interested party as to the best way to handle the situation.