If you have been hurt in an accident that you believe was caused by someone's negligence, you may want to talk to a personal injury lawyer Toronto for expert legal advice. Even if the injuries seem minor, an attorney who is experienced with personal injury cases can provide helpful information and guidance to help you better understand the legal aspects of the accident. When meeting with a personal injury attorney, here are some things that will likely be discussed.


Client's narrative.

Personal injury victims will be asked to explain what happened, including when, where, and how. Names of possible or actual witnesses will be requested. If the lawyer agrees to represent the client, the attorney will probably suggest that the victim prepare a timeline of events while the information is still fresh in mind.

Fee structure.

Most or all personal injury attorneys accept legal cases that they expect to settle or win. From the damage award paid to the plaintiff, the attorney expects to receive a certain percentage as payment, usually a third to half the total amount. In addition fees for expert witnesses and expenses like copying, phone charges, and medical reports, will be added to the bill. Clients should be told up front what the charges will be and how they will be collected. For example, witness fees are often paid at the time the witness testifies, and this may be paid by the client or the attorney, depending on their financial agreement.

Medical treatments.

The injury victim will be asked about a medical diagnosis to date, along with tests, treatments, prescriptions, therapy, and other support services that the client has had to pay with respect to the accident. Expected ongoing medical care, including disability that leads to loss of job or reduced wages, should be included in a report detailing these expenses.

Lost wages.

If the injured person has missed work due to the accident, the personal injury lawyer will ask the client to obtain a statement of lost wages for the legal record. Vehicle damage due to a car accident or property damage for accidents that occur on personal property may also be required.

Family or social impact.

If the accident has disrupted family life in any way, for example, through physical injury or emotional issues like post traumatic stress disorder, the attorney will advise you to document counseling or therapy for family members or loved ones. Losing the ability to exercise regularly as before the accident may be an outcome the attorney will suggest documenting.

Legal experts familiar with the process of filing a legal claim are equipped to explain to clients what to do to prepare for court proceedings. Professional advice often leads to success. Visit the Futerman Partners LLP website to learn more, because they may be able to provide you with the information that you need.