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This year SPINLAW has invited two artists to interpret our conference theme. Both artists will perform their pieces at the conference.

Etenem Oton as “ET the Mime”

Some History
Etenem Oton as ET the Mime is considered one of Canada's best mimes. Whether his show is televised to millions or live to hundreds, he is recognized nationwide as a sensational performer. Cleverly blending lightning wit and fabulous illusion with hilarious interaction, he can make your corporate function or televised production a smashing success. Regardless of the age or ethnicity of your audience, Etenem Oton will provide a refreshing escape from the limited world of speech and catapult you into the endless space of silent illusion.

• Etenem Oton has appeared numerous times on commercials like 'UPS' and films.
• Performed all over the world such places as ITALY
• Has amazed audiences at Roy Thomson Hall, North York Performing Arts Centre, and Kingswood Music Theatre
• Has performed with the skating champion Elvis Stojko, ''Pinball" Mike Clemens of the Toronto Argos, and
• Has opened for the Nylons
• Coaches the Canadian National Figure Skating Team regarding their facial expressions
• As a silver statue he has performed with the Toronto Raptors as Silver Rock on TSN


Jose Antonio Vallejos, aka Black Coffee Poet

Jorge Antonio Vallejos is a mixed race (Mestizo/Chinese/Basque/Arab), Toronto- based poet, essayist, and journalist. 

His writing has appeared in "The Kenyon Review", "Descant", "Crave It", "Colorlines", "" and other publications.  He is the creator of, and lead writer and vlogger at, and the Black Coffee Poet YOUTUBE Channel.  Followers can subscribe to both for FREE!

Jorge loves books, boxing, mixed martial arts, spicy food, traveling, and meeting new readers and writers. 

You can contact Jorge at

To see what Jorge has to say about his experience preparing a poem for SPINLAW 2013, visit: